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It is possible that you had a retro shirt in mind, but you could not find it here. In principle, we can make and send any retro shirt as long as it has a design or idea. Contact us via our mail: info@retro-wielershirts.nl. Indicate which shirt you are looking for and then we will get started!

Proverbial saying

This RedTed cycling jersey is linked to a proverbial saying. The proverbial saying, spell, motivational phrase chosen by you is linked to one of the RedTed designs


This is one of the new RedTed cycling jersey designs. This shirt is inspired by technology. The geometric pattern provides a modern look that matches the high quality of the cycling jerseys.

Company slogan

This cycling jersey design is inspired by your company logo and slogan. Your logo and slogan are linked to one of the RedTed designs. The result is a unique and personal cycling jersey.


The missing jersey of the Tour de France (1985-1989). The Patch jersey was the jersey worn by the leader of the combination classification in the Tour de France. 

Alpe d'HuZes

Alpe d’HuZes is an action in which participants, alone or in a team, raise money to contribute to the fight against cancer. Under the motto “giving up is not an option” they climb the Alpe d’Huez up to six times in one day.

Koninklijke Bibliotheek 1.0

The Koninklijke Bibliotheek offers a platform where people and information come together. The main task for the coming years is to develop a national digital library – together with the partners in their network.


Anculus focuses on the professionalization of a support organization in education. They advise companies in total secondary business operations. In their services, they focus on improving efficiency and effectiveness and we relieve educational institutions where necessary.

De Groote Heide

Around 1900 the Groote Heide was one huge and uninterrupted heather area. Since then, large parts have been reclaimed and replaced by forests, meadows, fields and buildings. Nature managers are working in various places to strengthen biodiversity and restore former heath areas in the area.

Koninklijke Bibliotheek 2.0

The KB’s Friends’ Association wants to increase awareness and interest in the KB’s numerous collections. Furthermore, the Friends’ Association wants to bring all people who use the facilities and collections of the KB together to become a powerful group of loyal supporters.

redted solo superia jersey

Solo Superia

On May 11th 1965, 20 year-old Eddy Merckx won his first profesional race for the Solo Superia team of the legendary Belgian cyclist Rik van Looy.  Redted designed for Retro Cycling and Decathlon this this beautify red replica. Redted designed and produced circa 50 different retro cycling jerseys, bib shorts, bib tights and jackets.


Velofinesse from Belgian tells the story of the real racing heroes. Those who drag for hours at the head, get drinking bottles and hand over their bicycles in the event of the leader’s breakdown.  Redted designed and produced the ‘Wildebeest’  cycling jersey. 

Veritable jersey

Retro Style for Veritable

For the Veritable Group in Germany we made this jersey in retro style.  Veritable is the international gateway to the most prestigious family wineries of Europe. This jersey combines the passion for extraordinary wines with the passion for cycling. The jersey is based on the Molteni cycling jersey.

Velo d'Anvers

Velo d´Anvers is a bicycle shop to look out for: a passion for cycling in a decor dating from the 1970s, old-fashioned Philips cabinets with derailleurs, commanders and pinions, racks with handlebar tapes and bookshelves with bicycle books for enthusiasts. You don’t get more retro than this.